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Lavid Hotel

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We offer the best solutions.

Lavid Hotel

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We offer the best solutions.

Lavid Hotel

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We offer the best solutions.

ABOUT Lavid Hotel

Smart homes, voice command recognition systems, electronic assistants with artificial intelligence ... All those things that previously existed only in futuristic fantasies are becoming our reality today. Just imagine – as soon as you open the doors of your hotel room, a pleasant voice greets you, electronic curtains open apart, revealing the most beautiful landscapes, the thermostat automatically adjusts to the optimal temperature range, and a cup of freshly brewed coffee already awaits for you at the kitchen counter. High-tech smart systems are exactly what can help each and every guest feel at home.

The desire to create the future today is what originally has formed the basis of our company. Experienced businessmen, engineers, financial coordinators and real estate professionals form the backbone of our team. Being a limited liability company officially registered in the United Kingdom, we can guarantee our partners the complete legality and reliability of our business.

Eco-friendly and innovative

Experienced team

We carefully select candidates for each position, focusing on their knowledge and experience.

Legal company

The official registration of Lavid Hotel LTD is a guarantee of reliability for our customers.

Future today

Become a part of something bigger – be the one to contribute to the creation of the future.

Innovation and ecology

We deeply believe that it is necessaryto strive for the future not only with the thoughts of comfort and convenience, but also with care for the environment. That is why the Lavid Hotel Company uses environmentally friendly materialsin its projects, and also encourages the introduction of renewable energy sources. Solar panels and advanced water filtration systems are used throughout our hotels and inns.

Future prospects


In your travels, you surely often had to face the inconveniences associated with hotel accommodation. The lack of direct communication with hotel staff from your hotel room, problems with water supply or air conditioning, a set of numerous remotes that tend to get lost or fail at the most inconvenient moment ... And how often couldyou not find the switch at night, or even had difficulties getting into your own room, in case you forgot the key card somewhere?

Customer care

Our main goal is to provide maximum comfort and convenience for every guest of our hotels.


No technology is introduced “just as is”; every step we make is deeply thought out and calculated

The time has come to leave such unpleasant nuances in the past. Our hotel complexes are not only equipped with the entire spectrum of cutting-edge technology – from sensors that carefully adjust the lights for you, to voice control of faucets in the bathroom – but we have also stepped much further then that. Facial recognition for room access? Holographic conference rooms for business people and augmented reality systems for entertainment? With Lavid Hotel Limited, all these things are no longer a fantasy, but a pleasant reality.


Certainly, the success of the company, above all, depends on the comprehensive experience and high qualification of all employees and specialists of the company, as well as on their effective teamwork and clarity in the implementation of their tasks. Therefore, we regularly conduct training and refresher courses for our employees, which allows us to always remain at the peak of the real estate and high-tech market.We take good care of our employees and we never forget about creating the most comfortable conditions for their work and rest, in order for them to be able to give their best for the benefit of our partners with maximum efficiency.


We began our journey years ago as a simple unofficial group of enthusiastic investors engaged in the promotion of modern technologies in the areas of real estate and tourism.Nowadays we are already one of the largest sponsors of modern hotel businesses in Europe, Asia and the USA. Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, London – and we are not going to stop there.

In our short-term plans we have the transition from equity to the full sponsorship of new projects, including construction of hotel complexes, modern villas, tourist, business and shopping centers. In the long-term plans we have the establishment of our own affiliated companies, aiming to develop the latest hardware and software for smart home systems, the integration of environmentally friendly materials and even the creation of self-contained closed ecosystems.


February 2019

official start of theonline free investment platform


June-August 2019

establishment of the affiliate companies in Europe and Asia


October-December 2019

opening of the company’s branches in the USA and Australia

Lavid Hotel